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Thread: Cigna Health Insurance

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    Cigna Health Insurance

    Anybody here have Cigna health insurance? I have the EPP (HMO) plan, I've been on it for two months and they have refused to cover Nexium until I get a second opinion and they will only give me about a 10 day supply of my enzymes (MT12s). The pharmacist thinks they will cover the full month if I fill the prescription by mail, but I don't want to do this because I travel frequently for work and generally forget to refill until I have nothing left. I don't really want to change drugs either because I've been taking these for years and they have been working. I'm just curious if there is going to be anything in the future that they won't cover as well.


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    RE:Cigna Health Insurance

    I use to have Cigna a couple of months ago and I had quite a bit of problems with them. You should take advantage of the mail in perscriptions b/c u can get 3 months worth of perscriptions just have the doc write it for 3 months instead of one and u pay for 2 months instead of 3. I guess they give you a little deal for doing 3 months. I had no problem with the enzymes that way. Also they do not cover scandishakes which is the usual for any insurance. I hope you are going to the cf clinic and not a pulmonologist b/c they tried to do that with me and the pulmonologist sux and I got a referral to the cf clinic from him.

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