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Thread: Sinuses and polyps

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    For my patients I have them add Xylitol - the sugar used by diabetics - to the Hydro Pulse basin with the Breathe.ease Packet. They start with two teaspoons to the basin with warm water, then gradually increase up to six teaspoons each day. This reduces the total bacterial count and allows for better natural healing. see
    Reminder: when you hum - low pitched - that breaks up thick mucus bonds. cF should hum as much as possible.

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    I've been looking at your material Dr. Grossan. Just a couple of questions about your post initially. When you say you recommend adding xylitol for "your patients" are you specifically talking about that addition specifically for CFers? Chronic sinus sufferers? Everyone? And why would you use xylitol? I thought anything sugar based tended to feed bacteria. And no I don't pretend to have medical training! I just attempt to understand problems that confront us. Thank you for your post.

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    xylitol is in many natural nose sprays. It is supposed to "kill" bacteria. I am not sure if kill is the right word. Its worth a try! Ive had 11 polyp surgeries so Ill try anything. The nasal spray that I am using has it in it. I do like it so far. I mixed my own once and got a nose bleed. Just be careful not to put too much 27 year old female, ddf508, dx at 15 (L)

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    Do let us know how you do on xylitol, kmh, if you decide to try it out! My little guy just went in for another checkup with his ENT. He's keeping a really close watch on his sinuses - at least once every two months. We are now 7 months post sinus surgery (complete with sinus implants followed by sinus atomizer with compounded meds) and still NO POLYPS. Incredible for us. He did see one small one on one side that was not even classified as a "grade" at all. (i.e. not Grade 1 through 4 - just a dot that isn't obstructing anything yet). The ENT did clear out the thick mucous that accumulates though since obviously the cilia do not function well enough in CF to do that. And he wants him back in 2 months again - we figure wed rather let the ENT clean him out every two months with suction than risk another sinus surgery! I'm thrilled and more importantly - so is my DS.

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    Hi! My name is Brooke and I have a 3 year old son with CF. He had his first sinus surgery for polyps on 3/5/13, then they came back and he had his second surgery on 8/7/13, then had his third surgery on 3/6/14 to remove the polyps again. We were doing everything with the nasonex and rinse but they kept just coming right back. After this last surgery our ENT added a steroid to his nasal rinse that I do every night before he goes to bed and they have not come back so far. This has been the longest we have gone with out a sinus infection or sever cold and my son can now breath normally when he sleeps. I will check the name on the steroid and post it for you here later. Good luck!

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    I lot look forward to seeing the name of your steroid....!

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