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Thread: has anyone had these side effects from ceftaz!

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    has anyone had these side effects from ceftaz!

    I had swollen feet and hands my body felt like my blood was boiling after I got infused . Then after about 2 days of being on after I got home on them I noticed after I got infused the inflammation was horrible my lungs felt like they were on fire. Coughing up mucus , but also clear stuff . Also coming back up to my throat that was clear(reflux) . I am not sure what to do about this inflammation . I remember having this the last time I was on this in 2009 . This time it was more severe. I'm taking ibuprofen but that cant last cause of my reflux. The ventolin inhaler helps the inflammation but only for a little bit. Will this get better on its on because its a side effect or is it just my lungs and a result of the hypersal too. I was using it 3 times a day . Using it 2 now diluted with regular saline


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