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Thread: eflow rapid Bottle Sterilizer advise

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    eflow rapid Bottle Sterilizer advise

    Soon my daughter will be starting to use the Pary eflow rapid.

    1║ Question:
    Witch Bottle Sterilizer do you advise for eflow rapid?

    2║ Question:
    Is there any Bottle Sterilizer FDA aproved for eflow rapid?

    3║ Question
    Do you advise a Sterilizer and Drier? (The Drier looks very convenient to me)

    Thanks and best Regards

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    Since we are not awere if the eflow handset mesh support drying, we decided by a normal eletric stream baby bottle sterelizer.
    We use the Chicco 2 In 1 Steam Sterilizer.
    Best Regards

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    Any one of the baby bottle sterilizers will work. The ones with a dryer are more convenient in case you forget to take the nebs out of the sterilizer to air dry.

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    I love my WABI. It has a dryer.
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