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Thread: Medicare Part B

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    Medicare Part B

    I wil be eligible for Medicare in the next few months & am debating on taking Part B or not. It's like $78.00 a month & covers basically doctors office visits, outpatient, etc.
    I have health insurance through my husband's employer, so I am unsure if it would be worth it to pay $78 a month for Medicare Part B. It may be cheaper to just pay the co pay with each visit (every 3 months).
    I guess I was just asking if anyone else is in this situation (have regular insurance too) and if it's been beneficial for you to pay for Part B or not?

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    RE:Medicare Part B

    I debated whether to sign up for Medicare Part B because my husbands insurance is primary. I ended up doing so after sitting down & literally figuiring out the costs. My CF doctor is not contracted with my husbands insurance so I have to pay 20% of the fee instead of the regular co pay, but I still wasnt sure it was worth it since I didnt go to the doctor very often. This year alone having the Medicare Part B has paid for itself since I have seen the doctor more so far then in the two previous years.

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