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Thread: Mom/Son with CF Have a Chance to Win- Please Vote!

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    Mom/Son with CF Have a Chance to Win- Please Vote!

    Hi there,

    My son, with CF, now 18, had always received unhelpful nutritional advice from our CF docs. Through the years, I have found what works for him and helped him be a healthy weight (no dairy, good fats, and more).

    from this journey, we have developed dairy/gluten/soy free brownies packed with nutrient dense hemp that have been a huge hit and we have made it into a business, helping others with food allergies have good, healthy treats to enjoy.
    we are now in the running to win $100,000 from Chase. I am sure everybody out there can relate to how needed that money is. I have raised my son alone, ex-husband never paid any child support (tried to enforce, he just keeps hiding), been on food stamps. I have a masters degree in counseling, but as you all know, finding positions that support you needing time off regularly for a sick child are difficult to find.

    very importantly, we are donating 3% of our profits to the CF Foundation!

    Could you please click this link Attachment 499
    and take just a sec to vote- its a fb thing

    Thank you. Diana and Lawson

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    Sorry I missed it! I hope you win!! Good Luck
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