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Thread: Motivational CF Workout Video

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    Motivational CF Workout Video

    My wife and I came across this song and made it her motivational workout song to keep going with her treatments and exercise when its hard. We put together this CF awareness music video showing treatments and PT workouts while she was in the hospital. We posted it on youtube a few days ago and have had an overwhelming support of over 45,000 views. We thought it might be an encouragement to some of you to keep on fighting!

    Check it out here:

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    That was amazing! The song, the images, the message, the production quality. Absolutely awesome.

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    I love it. Thank you for sharing. Your wife is amazing!

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    Peter! So fun to see yall on here! We miss you two and I know Chris would love to see you while you're still in MA.

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    Cale Gilley
    Awesome JUST DO IT

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    We LOVE your videos!! We have a standard poodle too, and she looks SO SO much like Oliver. Keep the videos coming. We subscribed so we can be encouraged in our CF life, and it helps so much.
    Michelle (mom to Tori, 14)

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    That's really amazing.

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    Wao this is perfect video and I would love to share it on for other visitors.I am sure many candidates would love this type of content.Your work always inspires me.Thank you very much for all these efforts.God bless you.

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