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Thread: Resource web page for young children with CF

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    Resource web page for young children with CF

    I have a two year old boy with cystic fibrosis and since learning of his diagnosis my husband says I've literally read the Internet on everything relating to the treatment of CF.

    I've been carefully saving the information I've gathered and I have now begun compiling it into a family friendly website that gives access to information and supplements that we as a family have tried and have had success with in keeping our little boy healthy.

    The website is still in its infancy but it contains a great deal of valuable information and is updated on a daily basis. And take a peek at the video and song we put together to raise money and awareness. It's on the home page

    thanks for taking a look!
    Brooke CF mum

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    The website looks incredible! Very nice work, looks clean and professional. I came across a guide to cystic fibrosis that I think would be another great resource for recently diagnosed patients or for caregivers trying to learn the most about CF just like you once were. I hope this is as beneficial for you and your readers as it was for me

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    Thanks for posting these guys. I'm always looking for anything new and helpful!
    Mom of 2 ~~ John born 10-3-10, non-cf'er & Everett born 10-6-14, mutations F508del and 1717-1G->A

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