View Full Version : Has anyone tried Plexus for Blood Sugar control?

03-14-2015, 11:41 PM
Hi y'all! I am 32 yo female and found out last June my A1C was elevated. Rather than jump right into insulin, I decided to do my best to control by being careful about the foods I eat. I was having some success (when I was perfect) but now I'm pregnant! With pregnancies 1 and 2 this meant sugars that went a little crazy. My friend sells Plexus products (they have a full selection of supplements, probiotics, etc) and a specific product called Plexus Slim. Anyone heard of it? Well, don't let the name fool you. It was developed for blood sugar regulation and then they discovered some people lost weight on it (because of BS regulation). I decided to give it a whirl. I've finished week two and have seen some measurable improvement.

I've started a blog to document what I'm seeing. I've only posted a couple times (I plan to upload my new averages and readings in the next couple days). But wanted to post a link for those of you in a place similar to me. This supplement is a drink mix that you take once per day. It's super easy to comply with compared to most of my CF regimen. I actually like the taste too. My fasting sugars are down below 100, my post meals have been almost all under 140 and tonight I had 1.5 pieces of chocolate cake (a splurge I would usually regret) and my post was 127 (I wrote about that in blog) I would love to answer your questions about it and also hear if anyone else has tried.

www.mycfplexusjourney.wordpress.com (http://www.mycfplexusjourney.wordpress.com/) - See more at: http://forum.cysticfibrosis.com/threads/128510-Has-anyone-tried-Plexus-for-Blood-Sugar-control?p=1023989#post1023989

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