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Thread: Air Purifiers (HEPA)

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    Air Purifiers (HEPA)

    Does anyone on here have an air purifier? Does it help? And which one do you recommend?

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    We use them throughout the house 24/7 and they definitely help. I have Vornados and a Winix; there are probably new models out since we got these. HTH.

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    we have one, Honeywell I think. It helps to clean the air of odors, dust etc, but i did not see a hige difference coughwise, probably b/c most of the time my dd is outside anyway.

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    The best one IMO is Austin Healthmate. hey are medical grade and are in hospitals and dr offices. They are expensive. They filter junk in the air but also bacteria. The filters last 5 years.

    Find what you want on the website, then go to ebay and buy it. I bought a used one and then bought a new filter. Best purifer ever.
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    I have 4 honeywells here. I couldn't live in the same house with cats without them. They help immensely. I notice a difference whenever I sleep outside my home, how less clean the air is. I also moved to a new apartment so I think that helps a lot too. Before I moved in with my GF and her 2 cats, I used the honeywell in my bedroom, and I always felt the immediate difference if I went a night without it on, I would wake up being a bit more congested in the nose and coughing a bit more. I'm not sure if it's CF related or just allergies though, hard to tell, hope this helps. I'd like to invest in the kind that auto-detect the air quality and save energy by changing the fan speeds, but not sure if it would make a difference because of the cats.

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    Which models of Honeywell do you guys use?

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