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Thread: How long to try to conceive before pushing for action

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    cf23 I feel your concern. I am 31 about to be 32 next month and I feel like my time is going by and I still don't have a child. Yet everyone else is having babies left and right. SAD. I currently will be using the OPK's and see if we get any luck I technically haven't been trying for a long time maybe for 5months with my current BF. But on my previous relationships I was trying for 2years and nothing. I guess its good I didn't persue any fertility with him I'm scared to go to a fertility doctor with my current BF because 1get bad news 2for it to cost a bunch. So frustrating to know that we are the ones that are the problem in conceiving. I hope everything turns out good for the both of us

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    Ch.hikanF.emale I am thinking of you as well!

    I had a follow-up with my RE today. I think if it were going to happen on its open, it would have by decided to go back. Glad I did, because my bloodwork showed a possibility of PCOS (really high AMH), and an ultrasound confirmed it. I will be starting clomid next cycle (8th cycle TTC). RE wasn't encouraging that Clomid alone would solve the problem, given the CF. I am quite disappointed/discouraged. Didn't need something else on top of the CF mucus issues.

    I told my mom about the struggles to conceive. Felt good to get it off my chest. If we struggle much longer, I'll probably have to tell my friends. I am having a lot of trouble coping and can't take the regular "are you pregnant", "when do you want to have kids", etc. questions. Is it a rule that everyone asks you that at your third anniversary, haha?!

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    I am right here with you. Ive also been trying for six months and nothing. Doing about all the same things you listed. Im beginning to give up hope :/ im 26 and very healthy so it's a bummer.

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    I tried with my ex husband for 14 years to conceive, before going for ivf twice.

    Unfortunately , it wasn't meant to be I never conceived due to very thick cf mucus in my cervix. It worked out for the best though as I am now divorced. However, I if I'm honest don't think i'll ever really get over the pain of not having at least one child, its something that will never leave me.

    Good luck, I now have furry kids!

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    It can take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive... but the fact that CF is involved, 6 months is a fair threshold to go forward with looking into a few things. Be prepared to drop some money though... fertility testing can be pretty pricey and time consuming. As some other posters have mentioned... getting to know your cycle is really important to. OPK's can only predict and not confirm so you may want to consider temping. Taking Charge of your Fertility explains this really well. Its not completely crazy that you've missed your fertile window this whole time. Also, nothing makes me more ragey than someone telling me that if I just relax or stop worrying about I'll get pregnant. Stress plays a small part...and of course eliminating any undo stress is healthy for ANYONE but keep in mind that people conceived during World War II and other times of great unrest...

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