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Thread: Sinuses and polyps

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    Aha! Interesting article about to be published in the Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. It appears they have documented a correlation between lung pathogens and those found in the sinuses. And have experimented with methods to eliminate them centered on topical administration of sinus antibiotics as well as oral treatment for the lungs. I'm not sure how I get a copy of the articles full text though, since you apparently have to have a subscription - which costs $334! I will have to ask out pulmonologist or ENT. IF anyone here has access, could you share?

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    Got it. Pm me an email and ill send it to you.

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    If you could share this article with me, would be great. thanks so much. this is my email: [email protected]

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    I will send it as soon as I get home.

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    Hi there!
    imhope you and Your families are OK.
    i have some news to share with you. As I told you, my son had 2 surgieries to get rid of polyps in his sinuses, and after last one, polyps came back after 2 months. He takes steroids, makes sinus rinse every day, inhales salines through Pari Sinuses system. But it doesn't help at All. His nose was bloked completely.
    in a meantime, he needed to take ibuprofen, as he was hit with the ball and had a pain in a leg. I discovered that after one dose of ibuprofen his nose was completely clear. I made a couple of trials to be sure about the connection with ibuprofen.
    i shared it with our doctors, they were surprised but advised to continue with ibuprofen but with a very limited dosage, so my son takes 4 ml of ibuprofen once a day.
    and his nose is clear, polyps are shrinked and we don't needed any surgery right now.
    Did you have any similar or close experiences with ibuprofen?
    Take care!

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    Wow. Great results from ibuprofen?! It makes you think the polyps are an inflammatory response, which is what I've gathered from other sources. But you would also think the steroids would have helped. I'll have to see how that works here too.
    Right now our son has minimal polyps even close to 6 months from his last surgery - a record for us. As you may recall, our last surgery included a new approach using steroid infused sinus implants that dissolved within 30 days. His ENT was thrilled with the results. No polyps at all at three months post which was also a record for us. He has a small polyp now on one side that the ENT says is coming from a sinus out of reach of the implants. We also added an atomizer with tobramycin for a couple of weeks after surgery because the culture included PA. So things are better on this end too! His sputum culture is also clear of PA since surgery too.
    I'm so glad to hear you've cleared things up with ibuprofen. We'll have to try that first if the polyps start up again. Thanks for the tip. Let me know how it's going! I look forward to updates!

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    Gammaw, that's great to know that you're doing well also! I am keeping you in my thoughts. All the bestiami from Warsaw, Poland :-)

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    My daughter was having sinus surgery every 3 months for a while and considered putting her on Ibuprofen therapy as they called it, but they had told me that they had pretty much quit that practice as it was hard on the liver or kidney's... I can't remember which now. Just thought you would want to know that. Good luck!!!!
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    and Abby 9 diagnosed at age 2, mutations are DF508 & 2585delT
    multiple sinus surgeries and currently on Kalydeco since June 2012

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    That makes sense, Jenny! Especially long term. Good to know. I wonder how long it takes on Ibuprofen to shrink them. And then I wonder how long before they come back.....?

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