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Thread: Surprising Results with Essential Oils! Give it a Go!

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    Can you give us an update on how you are? Are you still using oils? Are you feeling well? Any new blends you like?

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    Health Update

    Yes of course! I'm doing really good. My lung function is now at 44% which is the highest it's been since 2008!!! I'm still at 135 lbs in weight. I workout 5 days a week and I started Orkambi a few months ago (which I haven't seen any noticeable improvement directly resulting from the Orkambi). Also I still haven't been admitted in 18 months but I have been on oral antibiotics once due to being feverish and congested (after I gave it a lot of thought I think I just overdid it in the gym and that's why my body was feverish). So that's super awesome!!!

    I'm still using essential oils from Aromatics International almost everyday. I try to diffuse a blend every couple of days for an hour or two at a time for "maintenance", but I at least rub 2 drops of frankincense, lemongrass, and cinnamon bark on my wrist and/or feet morning and night each day. My diffusing blend varies but it's usually lemongrass, cinnamon bark, frankincense, oregano, eucalyptus radiata, tea tree, and peppermint. I would like to learn some new blends to use though.

    If you guys are interested you can follow my progress with me on my YouTube channel I've made for my cf and fitness. The link is

    Also here's an article that cf news today wrote about my cf story:

    Are any of you experiencing good results with the essential oils as well?

    My experience has been awesome and my family and I are still shocked my health has turned around so much. Hoping for more improvements of course so I can get back to working and stuff.

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    Thanks SO much for all your input in this thread! Ive been looking for info on EO but have found it to be too daunting and where do I begin?? I have a 9 yr old. My only question to you ( and forgive me if youve covered this in another thread) is how do I know how many drops to use for a child vs adult? Both for topical oils and diffusing. Thanks!

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    HI Jade!
    I want to reply to your question because I see this thread is a little "older" so the traffic is less lately. I use 2-3 drops of oil on my daughter's feet. Cinnamon bark or Cassia is a great oil but it's "hot" so for this I also put some coconut oil on her first--and only on her feet because this oil really burns if you are not careful. Another tip is to use Peru Balsam (it's a wonderful and calm oil) and blend it 80-20 with the cinnamon. This means I put eight drops of Peru Balsam in a bottle with two drops of cinnamon. I repeat that until I have a decent amount to use in a diffuser. This is for pseudomonas though--if your daughter doesn't have PA then it may not be your best blend to begin with. She is young--you can try Eucalyptus or Frankincense first. Those two have been my favorite overall oils, but we also mix in Orange oil, Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil. Sometimes blended and other times by themselves. When you begin you can try a drop on your wrist--you will know which ones act "gently" and which ones need a little dilution. It's really all trial and error with these natural options. We still do all the traditional treatments too. This is just to help her along as best I can...she is fifteen now, almost 16.
    Wishing you abundant health!

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