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Thread: What does yoga do for you?

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    Hey Jakari,
    Yoga is a one of the best exercise for the body physique. It really help to control your breath, mean your lungs capacity will be increase on daily basis. It is also very helpful to gain more and more strength.

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    I have personally found yoga something that is simply amazing when it comes to health,Especially when we have things with our upper and lower body,Makes the blood flow better in the body and very useful when it comes to muscles betterment,Also good at joints wellness in the overall i must say that it a perfect exercising plan which has a very impressive result,If we make a proper routine and do it in a schedule.

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    Aboveallislove, we will be filming part of my daughters yoga session next week. I will then post it on here

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    ALOE offers Private Yoga and Pilates classes in Dubai, UAE. Whether you are new to yoga, looking for one-to-one instruction or corporate classes, private classes can really help you develop your practice. Private Yoga Classes

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    Yoga is really an ideal exercise for the fitness and health improvement.
    I have started yoga exercise two week ago and I am feeling my health is 100 percent better than previous two week health. It boost my energy, improve my fitness level & body strength and also helped to control the stress and depression.
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    I also doing yoga everyday for reducing stress. So many types of yoga like: Ashtanga and Power Yoga. After doing yoga you can Avoiding form stress. Stress is so much bad for health. So yoga so much important in our life.

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    I've taught yoga since 2009. First, don't start with videos. If you go to a class, introduce yourself to the instructor and inform them that you're a rookie and you'll need all the help you can get, you will become more comfortable practicing yoga within 4-5 sessions than you would have doing videos at home for 4-5 months. After you get the fundamentals, videos are fine.

    Second, if you want to focus on breath work, go to a class and ask the instructor before hand. It's called pranayama, and it's exactly what you are looking for. This you might be fine using videos for.

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    I love the "Namaste" yoga DVD series by Kate Potter - they only last about 22 minutes each with warm up and cool down. Most of them are beginner level, with a few poses that can be considered intermediate. I also enjoy Melissa McLeod's videos on I have noticed a difference- especially if you really attempt to do the breathing with the exercises. I find yoga to be a great "off" day activity- while doing weight lifting and cardio activities on the "on" days.

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    I recommend yoga to my patients. Not only good for muscles and joints, but can make a huge difference in balance.

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    Thanks for the link Beth. looks really good!

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