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Thread: mucus clearing massage?

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    mucus clearing massage?

    I'm looking for a post that I read about a specific type of massage that allowed for clearing of mucus from the lungs. Does anyone know anything or heard anything about a cf specific massage? Thanks

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    Postural drainage helps. There are few videos on YouTube about it.

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    I don't recall the specific post, but I had a friend once give me a massage while she was in massage school and it included a technique that also focused on the diaphragm. I remember it causing increased coughing (in a good way!)

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    When I was diagnosed I lived in Germany and the doc there referred me to a physical therapy/massage place where they did "Reflektorische Atemtherapy". Here is a short description: The “Reflektorische Atemtherapie” (RAT) was developed in Germany. RAT is used to treat major dysfunctions of the lung, such as asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis (CF) in addition to already established forms of treatment.
    By using specific impulses such as pressure, pain and extension stimulating the nervous system it specially focuses on the respiratory movement of the chest and diaphragm. RAT is influencing the respiratory movement and triggering an unconscious change of breath movement activity which then achieves a normal tension of the muscle and connective tissue in order to regulate the breathing process.
    In the treatment of cystic fibrosis RAT pursues similar goals, and is therefore a useful complementary aspect to other forms of physical therapy.

    So the really sad thing is that there is NOBODY in the US you is trained in this technique or that the US even has any interest in pursuing alternative/supplemental treatments.

    So here is what I did: I bought the book which has many pictures, I searched for a "sport massage therapist" and explained that I do not need a "spa" massage but a treatment to loosen up my muscles so I can breath better, to really dig into my intercostals (muscle tissues between your ribs), to work my neck muscles and stimulate my diaphragm so I really breath using my diaphragm. I go about every other week.
    In general exercise helps as well - jumping on a trampoline, running on a treadmill or outside, of course swimming etc.

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