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Thread: When to get a PORT

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    I got my first port placed in August, and I like it. My case is a little bit different - I take long-term IVs for M. Abscessus, and have to be on IVs straight for a year or more. The PICC line was never really an option for this, and in the past I've had tunneled Hickman catheters. While I liked those a lot (as much as one can like tunneled catheter), it wouldn't be a good option for someone who's only on IVs for relatively short periods at a time. There's also a higher risk for infection with those.

    Anyway, I'd definitely recommend the port. For me, the procedure to get it placed was pretty quick and uneventful. I was sore for quite a while afterward, but it was worth it. After a couple months, I became totally independent with it - I access and de-access the port myself, change my own dressing, etc. For someone who is on daily IVs, the port stays accessed all the time (the needle needs to be changed weekly). I've lived the last four months with an accessed port, and though it took some getting used to at first, now it's not a big deal (and I'm very active). You do have to be careful bathing when its accessed, can't go swimming, etc., and it (momentarily) hurts if something hits it hard, but when it's not accessed, you can do anything you want.

    I've had PICCs in the past, and I'd take an accessed port over a PICC any day. And when the port isn't accessed, you barely know it's there other than having a bump under your skin. You need to flush an unused port once a month with heparin, but that's easy.

    Let me know if I can provide any more info!

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    I got a port put in Oct 2011, and it was one of the best CF decisions I ever made. I was in the hospital on IVs more than I wanted, and I was getting dehydrated at the drop of a hat. After a few weeks on it, I got some of the infusion nurses to teach me how to access it myself, and now I infuse a couple of bags of saline once a week. The hydration alone has kept me out of the hospital many, many times, not to mention the few times I've used the port for IV antibiotics. Highly recommend.
    41 w/CF

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