I am late to the party but I wanted to say that I am one of those CFers who had a home birth (in a birth tub) and I don't regret it for a second. All went well and if we end up with a #3 I will have another home birth. (my first was an uncecessary hospital induction - that I DO regret). There was nothing about my birth that myself or my midwife felt was a contraindication for home birth. I was monitored by an OB and a high risk OB for both pregnancies (the high risk was also unnecessary I feel and I won't see her again unless something crops up). I felt that home birth was a safe route for delivery and I chose a competent midwife who had delivered over 1500 babies. I am a biologist and LOVE research so I researched my butt off before choosing this route and I'm so glad I did. Homebirth isn't for everyone and if someone feels more comfortable having a baby in a hospital then by all means have a baby in the hospital. But not everyone feels that way. If you have any questions (or anyone does) don't hesitate to ask