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Thread: Delta F508 & G542X

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    Delta F508 & G542X

    Anyone have this combination that is supposed to be a rare one?

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    My boys do. I thought it was one of the more common ones.

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    Only somewhere around 3% according to a Facebook post from the CF site

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    I guess i fall in that 3% than too , totally feel free to pm if you got any questions.

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    Both my kids do.

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    I have this combo as well.

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    We should start our own sub-club!

    Only DF508 and G542X allowed!

    Oh, and by the way, G542X means you're jewish.

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    I have D508 and G542X and am not Jewish. No Jewish heritage, as far as I know. FYI.

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    My daughter who passed away did. After DD508 this is probably the next common combination. Also G542X has been traced to the Ashkenazi Jews.

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    So sorry for your loss Julie. Our oldest daughter passed away Feb 2013 at 2 years, 4 months old and carried both of these mutations. My second daughter carries DF508 and is fine. I just found out today that my newborn son's (9 days old) newborn screening has come back positive for CF with these mutations. We go in next week to run the sweat test to get the final diagnosis, but I guess we pretty much know already what the result will be.

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