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Thread: Any other CF Pagans??

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    Any other CF Pagans??

    I am a Pagan.. not looking for a religious debate or anything..I really dont care what religion you are..leave me alone and I will leave your beliefs alone..
    Just wondering are there any other Pagans on this board?

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    I have never called myself a Pagan, but if you mean it in the sense of not having religion, I am one.

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    That would make you an atheist or agnostic not a Pagan. A Pagan believes in more then one God.

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    Smile Oh Gee ! Here is my take on this subject.

    I don't like titles, and I agree, don't push your religous beliefs on me and we will be fine. My take is, how can I believe "God" or "Jesus" is this Super Great Person, that manages every aspect of your life, WHEN my grandparents were great people, my parents were great people, I am a good person, but yet he decided to punish me before I was even born, by giving me CF. This makes no sense to me. My body is my "God" and I am trying to take care of it, to the best of my ability. I feel I have done relatively well considering what I have to deal with......... Hope Everyone has a, "Great Day"................Scorp

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    Technically a pagan is one who doesn't acknowledge the god of Christianity, Islam or Judaism, the world's "recognized" religions. I don't think of CF as a "religious" issue. My daughter has CF and I never thought it was a curse or punishment of some greater being. I was raised Catholic, married to a non-Catholic in a legal ceremony by a JP. I have not had my daughter baptized for various reasons, but she is being raised to be a kind, gentle, sensitive human being that just happens to have CF. It isn't a question of religion but one of health and well-being. Whatever it is that helps the person with CF get up everyday and face their challenges then so be it. It might be faith in a greater being or faith in one's self. Just know that everyday, religion aside, we ALL have the same kick CF's ass and make sure no one else has to fight this fight.

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    There are several ways to define a pagan as well as just not one of those main religions, but that's another story! I am a pagan but not polytheistic. I don't have CF myself, my daughter has CF. I personally feel my spirituality helped me hugely with coming to terms with the diagnosis. CF is not a divine punishment, its just two mutations being expressed; that's how I feel. We are only on the planet due to mutations, there are good ones as well as bad and unfortunately you can't just take the good ones. We celebrate the wheel of the year so are looking forward to Litha, I hope everyone has a great time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by burnanator420 View Post
    I am a Pagan.. not looking for a religious debate or anything..I really dont care what religion you are..leave me alone and I will leave your beliefs alone..
    Just wondering are there any other Pagans on this board?

    I'm actually an atheist, and a lot of people say I need religion to get me through my illness. I was raised catholic, but I never cared for it, even as a kid. church bored me to death, I questioned the accuracy of the bible and got kicked out of bible study for saying "What happens if I love my dog more than a guy I never met?" Refering to Jesus when I was 8.

    When I was diagnosed my counselor encouraged me to go to church and such to pray to god to help find a cure, when in reality it's science that has helped CF be understood better and the one that will eventually find a cure for this
    mess. We just need better funding.

    But I respect those that follow a religion, it's perfectly fine.

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    Hi. My husband and I are the parents of an 18 year old daughter with CF.Yes, we are Pagan! Celtic primarily. Our daughter has been raised with our faith although she considers herself sort of an agnostic right now, because she is still searching. But she seems to be going toward a Helenistic bent.

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    Well this is interesting, I consider myself Christian, but my old ancient beliefs would be Celtic Pagan before Christianity came in 5th century ! We Irish Scots worshiped the trees and elements. I like New Age things and Wicca. And yes, I know the bible says " stay away from the sounds of peeps and mutters" but I think God wants us to look at all things in a balanced state of mind, nothing extreme, just be moderate!
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