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Thread: Smoking Pot/RSO Oil

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    What I find critical for managing cf

    This thread is like reading my life story and having it confirmed. There are three key componants to me managing CF. If I don't have cannabinoids in system I get infections. Viokase, Creon, digestive enzymes, for pancreatic insufficiency, of course. The third component, I only have just recently found a mechanism to control, and that is electrolyte imbalance which of course are magnesium, potassium, zinc, and calcium. We need all of these, but magnesium is the catalyst of all electrolytes, and without it the body is dehydrated on a cellular level. Grew up drinking Gatorade, and eating bannanas, but by about 22 that was not enough. My doctors could not identify it, even though it was clear I was suffering from severe electrolyte imbalance, because I was taking a solid pill form of calcium/magnesium supplement. I finally found coconut water(Gatorade has no signifigant amounts of magnesium) so absorption is critical, and at least for me, the electrolytes have to be in an instantly absorbable (liquid) form. After a decade of muscle cramps, spasms getting worse and worse, I have finally turned things around, and am absorbing food again. I honestly think that the three things CF patients need, for absorption issues are endocannabinoids, electrolytes, and digestive enzymes. If I am missing any of these three, all hell breaks loose. I love the article from study of endocannabinoids, and CF...can't wait to give it to my CF docs, who clearly view pot suspiciously,because of carcinogenic factors. Use a vaporizer, and you eliminate the carcinogens.

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    Add Vitamin D to that mix. Without it we are in trouble.

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    Smoking is injurious to health and Thanks for the post...

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    Any garbage you're introducing into your airways is bad, period. It's bad for a healthy person, and can be a death sentence for somebody with CF. If you must utilize any form of THC/CBD/etc., then at least do yourself a favor and never smoke it.

    Smoke = bad news for the airways of most living organisms, and that's really all there is to it.

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    has eny one with cf actuy tryed rso

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