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Thread: Thirsty after treatments

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    Thirsty after treatments

    Sometimes I end up doing 3 to 4 breathing treatments at the same time. After I'm done, I get so thirsty,. Does anyone else experience this?

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    Hypersal always makes my daughter thirsty.

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    If you take hypersal, of course... it's salt.

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    Hypersal makes me alittle thirsty. I usually have to drink two glasses after breathing 3 or 4 meds

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    I'd say that's pretty normal. I've always had to drink lots of water after doing Tobi or Colistin.
    Pat, 50 year old male with CF, DF508 & CFTR2. DX at birth. Double-lung trans on 6/16/05 asthma, diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain.
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    I get well hydrated prior to morning neb rx, drink fluids for about 1 hr. before starting. This helps me, get a lot of mucous up and out. Have never been thirsty during or after rx, but I do keep hydrated through out the day.
    I am 69yrs. old delta F508, one of four siblings, diagnosed at age 12, three of us had CF. Bother passed away with CF when he was 24, some 30 yrs. ago. I worked 35 yrs. in Nuclear Medicine, retired in 2004 at age 57 to to take better care of my CF. Have been married to my bride 49 yrs.. Great woman to have put up with me this long. We adopted two children, 3 days old when adopted, now 40yrs. old with total of 5 grandchildren. My lung function is FEV1 of 25% FVC 90%.

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    the hypersal makes my thirsty too drinking lots of water helps a lot . But right now water makes my reflux worse. The ceftazadime and vanc and levaquin have my stomach in a mess . Having a lot of air in my stomach that causes nausea if I cant burb. Not sure which one caused that it wasnt the vanc I was just on it a month ago had hardly no side effects from it.

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