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Thread: Cf and religion

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    i admire you for your comment here.

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    "Believe what you want, but don't kill anyone for believing differently."

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    Hmm..buddy want to know y?It bcoz our karma..Any action you do have some karma.Good action bring good karma ..wrong action brings wrong karma.Even thoughs generate karma.Person suffer bcoz of karma of his previous lives .If you want to really search inside and true purpose of life..go 4 buddhism..Find out yourself .its your journey.You cn find what is the root cause of suffering and how one can end suffering.You cn also dwnload osho discourse ..They are avaliable in englishIf you want to have peace hear it one..Ps I dont want to offend anybody.Please dont mind .I believe in one religion and that is humanity

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    Hello Aimee! Itís been a while since you posted this, so I hope you get to see my response.

    The short answer to Why God allows suffering is "We donít know." We won't know till the day we get to walk with our Farther. Since there is really no short answer and John Macarthur all ready spoke on this topic. I'll leave a video link to his answer below. I hope this helps.

    I would like to add that I would not have met the great people in my life without my suffering. I would also probably be in a bad place or dead sooner if it was not for my Cystic Fibrosis. A lot of my family struggles with drug addictions and I probably would have followed in their footsteps. One day I might find out why GOD let me have CF, but deep down I think I know. It's different reasons for each one of us. CF gave me opportunities I would not have had otherwise. Thank you for the post.

    God Bless,
    Michael Levy

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