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Thread: Our son, our Hero

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    I'm so sorry for your loss and exactly know what your going through. I'm 24 and female and lost my 28yr old brother Chris is September 2011. He struggled for 28yrs of his life and loved sports. You would think all the basketball that he played his lungs would be in great shape, but he also had Asthma, Heart issues, Seizure disorders and something called Leopard Syndrome. I loved my brother alot and the day we lost him was terrible, i think i was the loudest person in the ICU at UNMH(University of New Mexico Hospital). He couldnt wait for christmas, and his favorite band was KISS, he was waiting for there new album. Everytime i go to my parents its real quiet. my mom is doing "eh ok" its gunna take some time. but she is not that bad like when it happened. She gets her moments when she is by herself where nobody is around. But im happy that my brother is happy and running around and not coughing or weezing and pain FREE. once again im really sorry about ur loss. Hopefully a cure comes out fast for us CFers

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    I cried, it also sounded like a celebration of his life, and bittersweet memories. God be with you.
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    May god be with you at a difficult time like this. I've been in the same spot and the only thing that heals is time.

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