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Thread: 2 Year old daughter recently diagnosed with CF

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    Hi Ricky , I did not check this message earlier. A private message would have caught my attention straight away.
    Anyways how is your niece now. Best place for treatment is with Dr Kabra in Aiims Delhi. He is the one who told the world that CF did not spare India and if properly diagnoised one can find 70,000 CF cases just in India.. I know there are few hospitals in Chandighar.
    if you are in South India My earlier post to Anand answers your question. Forgot to mention Sooriya hospital in chennai in it.
    I've sent u a personal message pls check it
    Mother of 4 yrs old with double delta F508 from India.

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    Hi Kapil.
    I was just going through your details about the little girl. I can understand it very well. Because I have cystic fibrosis. But let me tell you that your daughter is lucky that she got diagnosed so soon. I was diagnosed only few years back and till then I led a miserable life. No doctor could diagnose me until I was 21 years and now I am 27 plus. I was given medications for Asthma, bronchitis and so on. But then I got an episode of Heamoptisis and there I met Pulmonologist who asked to get a sweat test done. It was unbelievable because I must have been a oldest Living case in India: surviving it so well. Now I live comparatively a normal life because at least I know what i am suffering from. I may not runa marathon but I can walk. I may not dance like dancers but I can enjoy the music. Dont worry and keep her check ups going. I know its very Difficult to find a good doctor and myself I have been changing alot..but then since I am into medical profession, I manage to get treated well.
    For any experiences which you want to share or know anything which you are not able to, I will be happy to help. I already do participate in groups of Cystic Fibrosis Programs in Delhi Ncr.
    Let me know If I can be of any help.
    Love and blessing to your little Girl.


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