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Thread: Weight Gain

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    In the past year, my Cystic Fibrosis has affected my diet and appetite quite badly. I have been told to eat more foods containing fat, as i am not putting on any weight. This is then messing with my creon tablets. I am very rarely hungry, and when i do eat, it is something full of fat to try and make me gain weight. This has led me to having a lack of nutritious food, and has caused the hospital to put me on Complan shakes. It is really affecting my health, and i dont know what to do anymore as i just keep losing weight, despite all my efforts to gain it. Any help/advice greatly appreciated. I am particularly interested in hearing from those in the same situation as me, or who have been in the same situation as me to hear what they did to help.

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    From time to time my appetite can fluctuate to where I will eat everything and anything, or i don't want any food at all. My doctor put me on Marinol and I've had no problem eating and gaining weight. It helped me even when NG Tube feeds wouldn't work, it's saved my life a couple of times. Marinol is a synthetic form of medical marijuana but it works. I started out taking it when I was in the hospital and then at home for a couple of months. Now that my weight is stable I only take it when I don't have an appetite at all or when I'm in the hospital. Another thing I would wanna know is are you diabetic? High blood sugars can really mess with your weight.

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    I sympathise. I used to watch my diet carefully to avoid weight gain, but now I'm underweight and have vitamin deficiencies and osteoporosis. And when you've lost your appetite or are feeling sick from iv antibiotics, there's nothing worse than being pressed to eat. A friend bought be a blender, and making nutritious shakes that actually taste nice has really helped. I often start with an ensure nutrition shake but maybe you could use your complan as a base. Then I add banana, dates, honey,avocado, cream,full cream yogurt etc. I keep chunks of banana and avocado in the freezer and blitz them straight into the shake. I find having it really cold makes it easier to drink lots. I also find adding ginger or mint helps when I'm feeling nauseous. As you've found, concentrating too much on fats is counterproductive. I believe in trying to have real food, and food that's delicious and you actually want to eat, and then enriching it. So, your favourite food or soup, but with cream added to the sauce etc. Avocados and bananas are my go-to foods, as they are quite calorie dense but not too heavy. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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    I have a suggestion for you.
    Spend breakfast like kings.
    Lunch as always and dinner like beggars.
    By doing this, you will manage your weight.

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