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Thread: Creon vs Zenpep

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    Creon vs Zenpep

    I need some input.... Both my Son's were on Creon and when on oldest was not gaining any weight the CF Doc's switched him to Zenpep. Which he is doing great on, so they said since my oldest was on Zenpep and doing so well we might as well switch the youngest to them also. So my question is....

    Is there anyone that either switched to Zenpep or just has always been on Zenpep and had any problems with them? Either always having to go to the bathroom or tummy pains? My youngest is only 1 so it is hard to know what the problem could be. If it's the Zenpep or if it's his acid reflux.

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    Creon vs Zenpep

    I use to take Pancrecarb but since they were taken off the market I was switched to Zenpep. So far, I like it very much! I have notice a good difference in the way my food digests and the way my stomach feels. My tummy pains have definitely gone down while I have been on the Zenpep. I have taken Creon before but I did not like it, it just wasn't right for my body or for me. I don't know if that is anything that you need to know but I thought I would share just in case. Does this help? I don't feel like I gave you any information that would benefit you but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!!!! I will keep you and your family in my prayers ... I hope your boys do good on the Zenpep!

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    Creon vs Zenpep

    If your youngest was doing well on the Creon; growing well and not experiencing negative symptoms and is now not doing as well on the Zenpep- it seems to make sense to me to put him back on the Creon. It would seem awfully coincidental to change enzymes and have it suddenly be his reflux be acting up vs. the enzyme change.

    I'm glad your oldest is doing so well on the Zenpep... it's was definitely a better choice for him vs. Creon. But treatment of CF is so individualized and what works for one may not be the best for the other, even in the same family. Your oldest clearly needed a change- your youngest may not have.

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    Creon vs Zenpep

    I am currently still on pancreatabs which are soon to be discontinued. My Dietician has suggested zenpep as well. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between all these enzymes???? I took Creon when i was younger and it caused me sever tummy problems. I am dreading to switch again.

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    Creon vs Zenpep

    Hello, Im on creon Im 38 years old male..and its not working at all for me..I was told by the CF Pharmacy that ultrase mt20 was longer being made..but I found some websites that carry I am going to tell my doctor to put me back on it..I was on it for 30 plus years..and Im losing weight not a good thing..

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    Creon vs Zenpep

    Creon is horrible, and caused my stomach to churn and churn.

    Pancreaze is the solution.

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    I started on Creon, but still had a lot of issues with vomiting and stomach pain. My doc switched me to ZenPep, and ive been eating more normal now and even gained a few pounds. I have more issues with eating beef, and pork, especially if it has a high fat content, but the only thing my doc explaained was that the enzymes arent activated by your body until everything moves into the small intestine, so sometimes itll take a couple of days to really feel discomfort of digestne. Asfar as the difference between the two, as far as I have found, only the enzyme amounts differ from one to the other. My pharmacy had a little issue with getting the proper dosage size in the zen pep once, but i think its more ibsurance doesnt want to cover the higher cost, since of course everyone who has digestive issue, go through the same symptoms, right? anyway, Im sorry i cant answer your question better, and i hope you are able to figure out the best solution for both your kuds.

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