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Thread: Has anyone tried to use Coconut Oil?

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    Coconut oil is much more like the holy grail. It repairs hair damage and breakage, helps to prevent hair fall and helps hair growing. Thanks to its functions, coconut oil stays in the hair and reserve moisture instead of evaporating, making it one of the most helpful hair products in the market. It keeps the hair from breakage , which girl doesn't want that?

    : If your scalp is oily, smear coconut oil to your hair except the roots. If your scalp is dry, use it on your scalp. It will be easier to smear if it is a little bit melted. Leave it in your hair for a period of time from half an hour to an hour (or even longer) and wash it with less chemical treated shampoo. Repeat 1-4 times a month for best results.

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    Coconut oil can be used in cooking and it has many health benefits. It is also a brilliant cosmetic, homemade deodorant. It also used as moisturizer and helps to make hair healthy.

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