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    Nothing personal doctor lee, but every doctor i have consulted (even my doctor friends) approach anabolic steroids like a book worm approaches riding a bike, they can tell you the physics and the mechanics of it all but they don't understand anabolic steroids or their use. I am not suggesting one has to take anabolic steroids to comment, but if you have to "look it up", suggesting your familiarity is limited, you will not an cannot in any represent your self an authority on the topic, to any degree. Those who know about anabolic steroids, whether they have taken them or not, know because they have read an endless amount of information acquired through medical journals, weightlifting magazines, exercise & fitness articles, public forums on the topic, etc., and have even learned about anabolic steroid use from the personal accounts of users. I will be sure to read your comments, though i don't expect too much from them on this particular topic.Thanks.

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    I sort of agree with the last statement. My CF doctors get this deer-in-the-headlights look every time I mention the idea of anabolics. I think there exists too much taboo and confusion in the medical field around this topic.My only concern is how much my liver might be affected by the use of anabolics. It is clear anyone's liver is effected by the use of anabolics, but, what risk levels am I looking at in terms of percentages, given that I have CF but don't demonstrate odd or elevated liver chemistry function? Studies on CF and anabolic steroids really ought to take place.Thanks.

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    i dont know which steriods all of u were on....but i was once on prednizone for about 6 motnhs, 5-6 yrs ago or so, worst time of my life...lost chunks of my hair, got diabetes(have to be checked and watch what i eat regularly now), got the puffy face, gained tones of weight (which was deff needed at the time), depressed,heat flashes, mood swings etc...i got every side effect in the book! no joke! (and i almost never get side effects of any meds!) was deff the worst time of my life, and i would rather be in the hospital than on steriods i guess i dont really have a question, just want to share my horrible experience...the only ques i guess id ask is this-- is it normal to get EVERY side effect? and even though it worked for my lungs and all, is it something , if needed, i should be willing to take again? has not been suggested , im just asking, bc i never want to be on steriods again!...r there any steriods out there for the lungs other than prednizone that wouldnt cause such horrible side effects?--thanks for taking ur time to read this!<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0">

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    We are talking about anabolic steroids, NOT stuff like prednizone.

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    The side effects for anabolic steroids are MUCH different than the effects that are listed for prednizone. I don't really know the effects of prednizione other than what you listed, but some of the side effects from anabolic steroids are increase or decrease in testosterone (depending on the person), roid rage (it does exist, but once again depends on the person), elvated liver enzymes-that is why it is VERY important for anyone using anabolic steroids to get a check once a month. Other effects are increased or decreased sex drive, in women in can cause manly characteristics (development of the adams apple, growth of the clitoris). The benefits can be numerous though, such as an increase in muscle mass if you are working out simultaneously with your use. As CFers we all know that an increase in HEALTHY weight and or muscle mass can help prevent our suseptibity to so many colds (that last an eternity from us). I feel that is the biggest benefit from the anabolic steroid use. There is a benefit to the immune system as well which also goes hand with the muscle mass increase and more weight = less suseptibility to illnesses (common colds).You do have to be responsible and do you research before using steroids though. You need to cycle up to a peak use adn then cycle off the steroids as to not put your body into a state of shock and misuse/abuse. You must also give your body a break in between you cycles, but a lenghty break because yes, they can be hard on the body.

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    Hi all

    Iím just wondering now as this link is several years old how are people getting on with using anabolic steroids? I am 23 and exercise regularly swimming, cycling and weightlifting and it has helped stabilise my lung fuction but I want it to improve as itís just over 60%

    If itíll help me swim & cycle faster, lift more weight and decrease rest periods surely itíll help lung function with a boost to my immune system but I am wondering how long term users are getting on?

    The media is full of the negatives and highlight them, but deaths from anabolic steroids is in single digits where as alcohol and Tabacoo are in the thousands!

    Like where do you start

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