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    brandi,the steroids in question are the ones you hear about in the news for professional athletes. They help build muscle mass in several ways but is interesting to us because it quickens recovery time of hurt muscle.

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    Brandi, we are talking about steriods that are legal in the UK and other locations, but NOT in the US. They are things such as DECA DURABOLIN, DECAVAR, SUSTANON, and many others.

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    Brandi, When I made this post I did not think so many people would ask about steriods. But first let me say that no one should ever think about steroids until they have stopped growing. But with the one steroids I was talking about has been proven to boost the immune system as well as build lean muscle mass. This and many other steroids have been tested on AIDS/HIV patients for the immune system and various other things I am wondering why not CF patients

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    RE: steroids

    im short...not growing it Baaaaaddd for me? as in..its addicting?

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    Steroids should only be used by people that are older that 21 just so you do not damage the potential of your own growth and really only men should use them b/c if women use them they will have unfavorable side effects. but no they are not addiction.

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    Thank you for your posting!This is a sensitive topic of concern for so many inidividuals. It appears your quality of life has improved in the last 4 years. Have you concurrently been exercising regularly as well? If so, it would be interesting to know whether the regular exercise has been the major contrinbuting factor to your improved life or the steroid use. Personally, I don't believe that the benefits of anabolic steroid use outweigh the detrimental effects. If you are using steroid outside of medicinal purposes, you are inevitable breaking the law. I have personally known many individuals who have used anabolic steroids and they are all regretful. In my opinion, it is not worth the risks. Best,

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    Dr. Taylor, thank you for your response. To answer your questions I have regularly exercised throughout my life playing soccer and going to the gym and I was usually sick one week out of every month. But since I have started taking the steroid Deca I have found that I now only get sick maybe once or twice a year which is a great improvement. My lung functions even go up when I am using them from 70% to the upper 80%. My regular doc knows that I use and can not explain why I improve so he just tells me "I dont want to know but keep it up". I do not take them all the time just fo 12 week cycles and then allow time for my body to recover since it does have a tendency to elevate my liver enzymes. Once I come off I get a full check up and wait for another 2-3 months before I start again. While I know that they are illegal I find that it improves the quality of my life, and the data backs it up. My family is even supporting me with this. To you knowledge has there ever been any studies done on CF and certain anabolic steroids?? The only studies that I have found have been on AIDS patients to help boost their immune system but nothing for CF, I am jsut trying to find why nothing has been done with CF patients.Thank you for your Time!!

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    I too have used Deca-Durabolin. I have used it 3 times. It is an anabolic not a cortisteroid like pregnisone, that stuff is poision.I used sustunon 250 once with the deca and boy did i thrive. I didn't have any side effects using. Not one thing. The only thing was that while i used them my liver chemistry was elevated, which i expected.Buy you used for 7years? we need to talk...I would use more frequently, but i am so afraid of estrogen side effects and over use. How does your body react? Have you gone without it for a period, if so what happened?Also, when i used it, i never became ill with a cold or nothing. But when i used it i worked out and ate food like a fiend.I have also bugged my docs to research or help me look into steroids but they are so freaked over the taboo of steroids. I honestly think they don't know anything about the stuff. The place to go to learn how to use is the weightlifting industry, They are so familiar with the "sauce" they know the ins and outs, what to avoid, and all the [email protected] (my wife's email) me we have to talk!32/male/with CF

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    Sorry i was a bit confused... one guy used for 7 years (on and off cycles i am guessing) and the first guy to post the forum used for 4 either case i would like to here from you if you are willing. if not, perhaps we could just dialogue here.

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    I just sent you an email!!

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