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    Hi overthere.Just a quick reminder of who I am as I do not post very often.I am the daddy of a 2 year old CF daughter and I'm French what can explain the way I post lol. Please excuse my faults tx ;-)we are just starting with a little trampoline ( 1meter diameter or so) with her. She takes this as a sort of "game". We make her jump and jump and turn and clap hands and raise arms, playing, but doing this serisouly. She stops jumping and caughs if needed, or I help her to caugh by pressing on the trachea.Things are slightly different over here, we have a physiologist coming at home at least 3times per week, I also take care of the physiologic cares when needed, the trampoline is a "plus", a way to make her enjoy "moving".I think it's not too bad.

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    I will be glad to answer your question when I'm finished with patient care for the day.Thanks for your posting.Dr. Lee

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    i love that really good for you? oO well people with CF? (us)

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    trampolines are great for helps loosen the 'gunk' ill let the doc explain the scientific parts !

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    French father,Thank you for posting on!The trampoline has become a widely used exercise tool amongst all age groups. You see them in fitness gyms, rehabilitation centers, and your neighbor's backyard. For obvious reasons, it is particularly popular amongst children. It can be a fun and effective form of exercise if used appropriately. Generally, exercise assists in loosening the mucus plugs in the lungs (decreasing the viscocity of the mucus with increased rate of ventilation), which is helpful in preparation for chest PT. The shorter attention span of children leads to intense, quick, and repetitive bouts of exercise rather than one prolonged session (common with adults). The trampoline just serves as another type of physical activity benefiting overall health. However, the intensity, frequency, and duration of the exercise session needs to be designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. I'm very happy to hear that many of you are making every attempt to make exercise fun and interactive for yourself and your children. This will be integral in improving compliance and thus health. Exercising can be FUN!Best,Dr. Lee

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    lmao yayyy i wanna get a trampoline now!!!!

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    whoopsies...that last post was from me <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif" border="0"> brandi!!! <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif" border="0"> lol

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    but yeah...i asked my mom if she knew that and she was like "yes" muahahaha im going to bug the living chit out of her now! i mean comon...not only is it fun as hell....its health happy too!

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    Yes I have heard that trampolines are an excellent form of physical therapy. i am hopefully going to purchase one in the summer but am unsure of what combination of physio I should do once I have one. IE, flutter+tramp or tramp and postrual drainage. and also in what proportions?

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