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    If you are asking this question I assume you are not an experienced essay writer, so I offer a very basic structure for a factual essay. The magic number is 3.

    To begin, there are three steps. I’ll explain each one.

    Say what you’re going to say
    Say it
    Say what you said
    Step 1: This is the introduction and the first paragraph. It lays out your topic or thesis (argument) and at least 3 points or facts you will present to support it.

    Step 2: This is the body of your work. Since you need three main points in support of your topic or argument, you will need 3 paragraphs, one for each point. Each paragraph will need at least 3 sentences: what is the point being made, supporting evidence (this could be more than one sentence), link to the next paragraph.

    Step 3: Conclusion: You sum up the points you have made, show how your evidence supports them and finish with a conclusion which essentially states the statement you started with.

    NOTE: The structure must be consistent. The conclusion mirrors the structure of the introduction. The three paragraphs in the body are in the same order as laid in that introduction and summarized in the conclusion.

    There are endless and very sophisticated variations on this structure, but it is a good start and its principles need to be present in some form even in advanced work.
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