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Thread: Tips on how to write a social studies essay

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    Tips on how to write a social studies essay review is a small essay on a specific issue, which is stated in the author's manner and is written in a freestyle. Usually at the exam, the student receives one or more winged expressions of famous people, with which he works: explains, provides real evidence.

    This form of testing knowledge is most common in social studies, in which reasoning, expressing an opinion and arguing their position.

    How to write a proper essay on social studies?
    In the text, students formulate reflections based on the knowledge of the passed course. The position of the student, the arguments given are supported by facts from history or social life.

    Certain rules must be followed:

    observe the semantic unity;
    use verified facts and understandable terms;
    write in accordance with the given topic;
    make sure the answer is meaningful and the material presented is reliable;
    make clear, correct, and provable main points;
    make reasoned judgments and conclusions;
    ensure that arguments are truthful and literate;
    cite freely and provide examples to support what is written;
    provide relevant analogies.

    All of this is what the exam committee looks for when reviewing.

    Before you start the task, carefully study the selected phrases and determine the sphere to which they belong. From this sphere you should take a few terms and write them out competently.

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