Hi, my name is Sky. I have cystic fibrosis.
I was a late diagnosis at the age of 6, but I have been doing well. My health has deteriorated recently, but I'm getting better.
I used to live in Nova Scotia, and the doctors there just thought it was asthma when i was born (Keep in mind this was before the hospital I was born in did newborn screening for CF). A month before I turned 6, we moved across the country. I turned 6, and then we went to the hospital to finally see if we could get what was actually going on. The doctor looked at my fingers (Yes, my fingernails are curled, and I guess it's a sign of CF) and I was immediately sent down to the Vancouver Childrens hospital to get a sweattest done. The results came back positive (My brother did it too, but he was fine) and I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Little did I know, this would become a very normal thing. After I was diagnosed, every year, I would stay 2 weeks in the hospital 2-4 times a year. I missed out on alot of school, so the next year I recieved an IEP (Individual Education Plan) And I have every year since then. Now, I only stay 2 weeks 1-2 times a year instead. I had to stay recently, and I need to get a bronco scope done soon. Let's just say I'm not very excited, because the first time backfired.. Badly.

But thats all I really have to say!

TLDR: I'm Sky, late diagnosis at the age of 6 (because the doctors where I used to live kinda sucked)