Hello, first time posting here. Not sure if this is the right room. Anyways, my wife and I are recently married, we love each other dearly and she is a wonderful women. Recently I have been a bit unwell and am coughing a lot, especially at night. My wife usually does not sleep well. The other night I had a coughing fit in the middle of the night which woke my wife up. She proceeded to get angry at me for waking her up. Last night again, I woke her up with my coughing and this morning she proceeded to get angry again and blame me for her not sleeping well. She very unapologetically blamed me. Now I know my cough wakes her up, Iíve been self conscious about coughing at night my entire life. But the fact she has said it, Iím deeply hurt. I donít know what to do or how to approach my wife about this as she can become very defensive when confronted. The way she said it as well, she seemed like she genuinely blamed me and thinks I am at fault. Also, due to the living situations I canít sleep in another room, just not an option. Iím probably here to rant more then anything, but just wondering if anyone has been in this situation and what did they do?
TLDR; wife got angry at me for coughing at night and waking her up. What do I do?