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Thread: Update - ALT Results

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    Update - ALT Results

    DS has been on Symdeko for about a year and last winter his ALT was elevated. While he was on Orkambi, he had liver function tests every few months the first year, which were normal. Apparently doctors aren't concerned unless it's double the high range and I guess we'd heard/thought Symdeko had less of an affect on the liver compared with Orkambi.

    Since he'd been doing so well on Orkambi and Symdeko, his doctors began to remove meds he'd been on for years -- prophylactic antibiotics, one of his bronchodilators, actigal/urisidiol...

    So when they retested him in June it was still elevated, we asked that he resume Actigall. Test results for ALT and Bilirubin were normal. So despite doctors being eager to peel away the number of meds he's taking, we're perfectly fine with him taking a few extra pills a day if it keeps his liver healthy.
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