Hello All -
I'm a mom to a 29y/o w/DD508. He is living his life with more than a few challenges, but living nonetheless. He has pancreatic insufficiency (of course), CFLD and CDRD. All of these would be more or less manageable but he just can't seem to get the hemoptysis under control. He's had 3 embolizations just in the last 12 months and the docs always say it should give him at least a year of relief, but it inevitably comes back sooner than you'd think. He often says "if it just weren't for the hemoptysis...". Ironically his lung function is fine. He has had more lung infections since he developed CFRD and I suspect that he is not doing a great job at managing it (doesn't live with us anymore, he's in LA - which he loves and I don't ).

Any thoughts? Any creative ideas? Any experiences with the same issues you'd like to share?
Thanks for any and all shares,
Lj in El Paso