Iím from the Netherlands so my apologies if my English isnít so well. I have a question...

My 3-year-old son will soon have an appointment at the pediatrician where I will express my concerns about possible CF, but I am looking for some information in advance.

He was born at 36 weeks and had no first stools until after 48u, using an enema and then it took another 2 hours but then it came.

Then I expressed all my concerns about this to the pediatrician at the hospital, but he said that I should not be worried and that a possible cause would also be looked at at the newborn screening.

It came back negative and then I stopped worrying about it actually. He grew well (at least until breastfeeding stopped, he then dropped a line but kept that line and had no lung infections).

However, it now takes little effort to discover that a newborn screening in a child with Meconium Ileus often gives a false negative result. I therefore do not understand why the pediatrician did not have the delayed meconium passage examined further immediately and all my worrying is back.

So now we are 3 years further. From the age of 1.5 he has an chest infection more often. In the sense that he can cough a lot in the event of a cold, which persists after the cold so reminds of bronchitis? He has had that several times now, and certainly in the winter, but so far it is fairly easy to get over without help. I guess he now had about 7-9 periods with a quite persisstent cough.

In my opinion, he doesn't gain weight enough by looking at what he eats even though everyone arounds me keeps saying itís just his figure. He often has a somewhat loose stool and this also floats 99% of the time. So my feeling / fear says, and certainly because of the whole meconium story, that he might had cf after all.

My question now is, does this later diagnosis (in case I am right) automatically mean a poorer prognosis? Greater chance of problems / lung damage / lung transplantation? Or does this not necessarily have to be? In other words, are we 10-0 behind already?