We are moving to Nashville, TN, all the way from little old New Zealand!

My husband is originally from New York and our daughter (DDF508)is a dual citizen. The healthcare system in New Zealand is very different- it is publicly funded. Almost all of our CF care has been free, but the downside is that we can't access any of the newer/pricier drugs like Orkambi and Smydecko. We also don't have funded vests (we all do manual CPT instead).

My husband's new work is offering a healthcare plan through Cigna, which I will be looking further into soon. Can anyone tell me anything about how the insurance thing for CF works? What is covered, what is not? Are some insurance companies better than others? What should we be expecting to pay for?

The clinic at Vanderbilt sounds good, but I would love to know your real experiences of the paediatric CF department. What area do you live in? Would you recommend or avoid any particular family medical centers? At the moment we are looking at Mount Juliet and Hendersonville as areas to live. Is anyone out there? Let me know what school your PWCF goes to so we can take it off our list ;-)

Any help or advice would be much appreciated, thank you!