I am a symptomatic CF carrier, not a full blown person with CF (both my children have it.) Anyway, last Nov. I cultured atypical pneumonia after feeling short of breath and malaise for several months. It took about a month to resolve with antibiotics. This June I started feeling that way again (pain in lungs, shortness of breath, non productive cough), and I am now culturing this enterobacter. I was wondering if any of you have had it, what the symptoms were, and how long it took to get rid of it. I have been taking bactrim for over 5 days, and so far no positive effects (I might actually feel worse today.)

Also any thoughts if I should be staying away from my sons? The CF center doctor said I should be OK as long as we don't share food and wash hands, but I don't know, I think this sounds risky. They both have limited antibiotics they can take owing to adverse reactions. On the other this means basically my entire family is off limits.