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Thread: anyone culturing enterobacter cloacae in lungs?

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    anyone culturing enterobacter cloacae in lungs?

    I am a symptomatic CF carrier, not a full blown person with CF (both my children have it.) Anyway, last Nov. I cultured atypical pneumonia after feeling short of breath and malaise for several months. It took about a month to resolve with antibiotics. This June I started feeling that way again (pain in lungs, shortness of breath, non productive cough), and I am now culturing this enterobacter. I was wondering if any of you have had it, what the symptoms were, and how long it took to get rid of it. I have been taking bactrim for over 5 days, and so far no positive effects (I might actually feel worse today.)

    Also any thoughts if I should be staying away from my sons? The CF center doctor said I should be OK as long as we don't share food and wash hands, but I don't know, I think this sounds risky. They both have limited antibiotics they can take owing to adverse reactions. On the other this means basically my entire family is off limits.

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    My son cultured it when he was an infant and we're assuming he got it from the NICU or hospital. He developed a cough to the point he'd cough so hard he'd throw up. I was forever holding him over sinks, the lawn when he'd get a coughing fit. I'd asked his local CF doctor at DS' two month appointment about the cough, which he heard only to be told "they (cfers) cough, it's what they do". Couple weeks later, his CF doctor in the City heard him cough -- said he had bronchitis and prescribed bactrim and Tobi and instructions to increase CPT to 4 times a day and even do mini CPT sessions when he'd cough. I think it did take a week or so for the hacking cough to go away.
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