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Thread: Inhaled Vanco vs Zyvox

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    Inhaled Vanco vs Zyvox

    Interested if anyone does inhaled Vanco and how that goes for them? It was brought up at an appointment last visit. Zyvox is the antibiotic of choice we use for exacerbation but this was brought up as an option to try. Might be nice to avoid the systemic nature of oral zyvox. Is Vanco inhaled irritating to the lungs? Curious of others experiences, THank you.

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    I donít know the answer to your question, but I wanted to see if your doctor ever talked about using tedizolid instead of linezolid (Zyvox). I *think* that studies show them to be equally effective for most bugs. I canít tolerate Zyvox at all, but Iíve been on tedizolid for about two months now with no problems (Iím being treated for M Abscessus). Perhaps itís an option.

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