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Thread: My Own 'Five Feet Apart'. Appropriately Zero Feet Apart

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    Red face My Own 'Five Feet Apart'. Appropriately Zero Feet Apart

    If a story like this is going to be told, it might as well be told from a true experience.

    I personally am going to see the 'fan screening' tonight, since I wasn't lucky enough like some others.
    I'll also be wearing my purple Great Strides 'I AM A FIGHTER' shirt just to help other CFers know someone else is near them.

    A lot more thoughts and feelings on the movie, promotional/marketing issues, and my story but I'll save that for later. I hope you enjoy.

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    I am very excited to know your story! I hope it brings new lessons and motivation for me and my sister as we are going to watch it together. From here you can get assignment writing help to manage thesis task easily. Keep it up dear! Best of luck.
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