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3-drug therapy Symdeko Cystic Fibrosis
I have Cystic Fibrosis myself age 40s..

Marketed as Symdeko. triple drugs..
Each day that passes more Cystic Fibrosis people are dieing our lungs get blocked up by green sputum and we cough a lot ..
Also causes stomach problems wind and flatulence which we Cfs hide like actors. Also some get gout from uric acid in our creon or pancrease hl tablets
Also we take many tablets ... all we want is a better future.
Live life not CF . help us Vertex.. Please...
Cystic Fibroses causes Diabetes as you because the tubes block , which leads us to type 3 needing injections
Julian Leat
92 offington drive
Bn14 9ps
01903 264874