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Thread: Hypersal/Hypertonic Saline not covered by insurance

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    Hypersal/Hypertonic Saline not covered by insurance

    DS' doctor prescribed 7% sodium chloride for inhalation last fall with his albuterol. Previously he'd been on albuterol/atrovent nebs. They eliminated the atrovent. Seems like insurance (BCBS) doesn't cover hypertonic saline -- it's a noncovered, nonformulary prescription and therefore it doesn't go toward our deductible and we pay at least $33 per month. I seriously doubt they'll make an exception and add it to the formulary list since they've never done so in the past. Heck, we had to switch enzymes over 8 years ago and they still only cover creon or zenpep, non of the others.

    I should add that I suspect we're not eligible for Healthwell.

    Suggestions? are there any other copay assistance programs?
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    Is your son taking Creon as an enzyme? I found this promotion from Foundation Care Pharmacy(mail order pharmacy) that for each order of Creon you get a free box of 7 % Hypersal. I switched my daughter pharmacy to them just for that and so far we have gotten Hypersal free twice. It was a PIA switching pharmacys and you have to be very clear on why. Also must check with insurance first before switching to make sure they let you. It all adds up! The doc had to call in the script for both meds; Creon and Hypersal. My guess is it is promotional so it won't last forever.

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    I now have to use Accredo for Cayston, but used to get it filled through Foundation Care and got hypertonic saline for free for years, so I think it's a long-term promotion. I still use FC for other prescriptions. They recently have been going through some sort of software transition, so there's been very long wait times to talk to a customer service rep for refills and they've messed up my order a few times. Prior to this, they were reliable so hoping this is just a temporary issue.
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