Hi all,

I've had a port for about five years, but have only had to use it once for somewhat long-term IVs. I'm about to start very long-term IV treatment for M. Abscessus, meaning the port will basically be accessed all the time for who knows how long. So, I have some questions for folks who have ports and also like to exercise.

If you do cardio and sweat a lot while the port is accessed, what do you do? Do you change the dressing afterward? Do you keep it as is and hope everything dries under the dressing? Or maybe you just de-access every time you work out?

I try to do cardio every day, so de-accessing every time is not an option. When I was on IVs previously, I think I changed the dressing after every workout, though that was kind of a pain. Sometimes there's no way to get the dressing off the needle without pulling out the needle too, and regardless, it's kind of time-consuming.

Any tips?