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Thread: Adults with CF what are your jobs?

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    I worked 18 years as a RN in surgery doing open hearts. My exposure to the sickest of patients was limited in this environment as I was constantly "scrubbing up" and wore a mask the majority of the time. I am 44 now and knew around 39 I could not work in that environment forever as the mental and physical fatigue was beninning to become taxing on my health. I returned to graduate school at 40 and for the past 3 years have worked as a senior clinical analyst for the Analytics Division of my Healthcare System. I serve as an internal consultant working with data scientists, database engineers and other analysts. I also do a fair amount of BI development and database queries. I think there are ample opportunities in the healthcare sector that minimize direct exposure to patients. Something to consider.

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    Hey Rubyrose, I posted a very similar scenario. I worked as an RN in surgery for many years then went back to grad school and landed a clinical analyst job in our Analytics Division. Curious what type of work do you do within IT?

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    My older son is a data scientist (got an MS degree in Bioinformatics) If he has an exacerbation he can work from home. Younger son desires a less cf-friendly job. We'll have to see how that pans out (he is still in college.)

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    I'm a video producer / motion graphics animator. As I get older I'm realizing travel and "working in the field" are taking more out of me, so a few years ago I began heavily investing in learning motion graphics animation as that's something I can do from home.
    Were I to recommend a field it would easily be coding/programming/developing. Coding careers have exploded to the point where companies have more money than they do developers, so they are having to offer jobs WITH perks like working from home, etc. In a developer field you're looking at a 9ish month bootcamp, followed by 2-4 years as a junior developer working from an office, then once you leave the "Junior" level, having a LOT of authority to negotiate the ability to work from home etc.
    A friend of mine did a 6 month coding camp here in Nashville and after completion, the very first interview he went to he got a $70k/year junior dev position where he negotiated taking every other Friday off and 3 weeks vacation a year. He negotiated another raise three months later, and after 2 years plans to negotiate working from home or moving to a different company. That's how high the demand is right now in cities.
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    Thanks for the great suggestion Lance!
    As a Math and Computer Teacher and with 12 grandchildren, I am working with them (as young as 7 yrs old) on They love it and of course I love working with them!
    I am using it with my 7-11 year olds. It goes through grammar school...14 years old. The younger ones have fun games too!

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    This is great! DS just got his schedule for school and he didn't get into his intro to Java Programming class, so we're looking for other alternatives.
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    So glad it may work out for DS! My younger ones are enjoying it! They are creating characters for minecraft and doing some simple block programming. They are 6 and 9.

    Let us know if this works for DS. They have Java for the older kids. He may need help?

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