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Thread: Adults with CF what are your jobs?

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    I worked 18 years as a RN in surgery doing open hearts. My exposure to the sickest of patients was limited in this environment as I was constantly "scrubbing up" and wore a mask the majority of the time. I am 44 now and knew around 39 I could not work in that environment forever as the mental and physical fatigue was beninning to become taxing on my health. I returned to graduate school at 40 and for the past 3 years have worked as a senior clinical analyst for the Analytics Division of my Healthcare System. I serve as an internal consultant working with data scientists, database engineers and other analysts. I also do a fair amount of BI development and database queries. I think there are ample opportunities in the healthcare sector that minimize direct exposure to patients. Something to consider.

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    Hey Rubyrose, I posted a very similar scenario. I worked as an RN in surgery for many years then went back to grad school and landed a clinical analyst job in our Analytics Division. Curious what type of work do you do within IT?

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    My older son is a data scientist (got an MS degree in Bioinformatics) If he has an exacerbation he can work from home. Younger son desires a less cf-friendly job. We'll have to see how that pans out (he is still in college.)

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