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Thread: Classic CF class 1 and 2 mutations, no symptoms

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    Classic CF class 1 and 2 mutations, no symptoms

    Does anyone else have a class 1 and 2 mutation without any symptoms of cf besides an elevated sweat chloride level? My son is 2 without any symptoms.

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    With DS, his doctor indicated his baseline should be no cough. We were proactive and did chest physiotherapy. Mainly his symptoms were digestive and sinus, although he DID culture pseudomonas right away. He didn't cough, didn't cough up anything. Do this day he still doesn't cough up anything unless he has a cold. Unfortunately CF is a progressive disease and eventually the lungs will become affected due to infections, extra thick sticky mucus....
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    Yes, my daughter. She is 1 year and 9mo old. She was diagnosed thru neonatal metabolic screening, she has 2 severe mutations but no symptoms.

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