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    I'm curious to know if it is a good idea for us CFers to travel long distances? I spent Christmas in another state and came back sick. We are supposed to go with friends this year to Niagara Falls and I'm sort of afraid to travel that far and to another country. Thoughts? Experiences?

    Thank you

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    It's absolutely fine. I live in Ohio and have been to Hawaii 4 times. That's a long trip but so worth it. The important thing is to prepare and pack for the worst. Find out where the closest CF clinic is to your destination, just in case. Pack any meds that you might use in case you flare up during your trip to tide you over until you get home or can get to a clinic if it's an emergency. If you're flying, wear a mask on the flight and get lysol travel wipes and wipe down your seat. Carry hand sanitizer and use it when you travel. Don't touch your face without washing your hands first. Also make sure you have extra meds on you in case you run out or drop some. Just be over prepared and you'll be fine.

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