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Thread: Disability threatened

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    Disability threatened

    a friend of mine shared an article with me about a girl who lost her disability

    are any of you having an issue with SSA trying to take your benefits too?
    Ive looked up the health requirements for people with CF and the SSA has changed the heath requirements (, disability, professionals. Blue Book)

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    If and when you have a problem, contact legal at
    Male 79 CF undetected until age 47. (First symptoms at age 3) Delta F508 & V562I with one copy of Variant 5Tand 12T. 100% PI. MAC, CFRD.

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    Beth Sufian is Director of the CF Legal Information Hotline. She was the lawyer interviewed in the article/video clip.

    CF Legal Information Hotline

    1-800-622-0385. All contacts are free and confidential.

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    What a shame this is just so wrong !

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